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The Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation is the connection between the District, its students and the community.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Canon-McMillan teachers and students.

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Examples of teacher initiated projects
Below are two examples of teacher initiated projects that would qualify for quick and small funding (around $100.00) by the CM Horizon Foundation.
If you have any questions about whether your project would qualify, please contact the Foundation.
Example 1: A bird feeder would be set up outside a classroom window for the students to observe and record the variety of birds that appear.
The Foundation would reimburse the receipted cost of the bird feeder, food and laminated bird guide.
Example 2: Students would study the growth rates between flower and vegetable seeds placed on different surfaces. Do seeds grow faster on an unheated window sill or on a heat strip.
The Foundation would reimburse the receipted cost of the seeds, seed cups, dirt and heat strip.
Posted on 12 Apr 2017
Jeffrey's Drug Store and Eruption Athletics Check Presentation
Jeffery's Drug Store Check Presentation to Canon McMillan School District to institute the Eruption Athletic Program.